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Welcome to cpp.range.dk

In this site you can find links to different types of C++ sites. The primary purpose is to give easy access to (mostly free) C++ resources at the internet. I have therefore catagorized the links by the primary contents of the C++ sites.

I have decided to redesign the frontpage of the site due to the number of links added. The complete list of links can still be found as well as the catagorized list:

Two new listings can be view below:
Top 10 linksNew links

1SQLAPI++ Library(2735)
2Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage(2734)
3Andrei Alexandrescu's homepage(2733)
5Johnnie's Winsock Tutorial(2733)
6Minimalist GNU For Windows(2732)
7FoosYerDoos - C++ Programming(2732)
8C/C++ Users Journal(2732)
9C++ Threads(2732)
10The Parma Polyhedra Library(2732)

1Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Fram...(2731)
2Visual Studio Express(2730)
4C++ Type traits(2730)
5C++ at Wikipedia(2731)
6The C++ Source(2731)
7C++ Coding Style(2731)
8Programming in C++, Rules and Recom...(2732)
10C++ Programming for Scientists(2731)

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