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A Beginners' C++(3297) A draft of a book called A Beginners' C++
About C/C++(3296) A site with a lot of information about C and C++. There is a tutorial for both languages and the degree of difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced.
An introduction to C++ Traits(3296) A small introduction to traits and how they can be implemented in C++.
Andrei Alexandrescu's homepage(3294) Andrei Alexandrescu is one of the design gurus in C++. His site contains a collection of interesting publications.
Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage(3295) The homepage of Bjarne Stroustrup who created C++.
Boost C++ Libraries(3295) A collection of libraries
C++ Annotations(3295) An on-line tutorial which is based on object-oriented-programming.
C++ at Wikipedia(3296) An overview of C++ including the history of the language.
C++ Coding Style(3297) A short styleguide for C++.
C++ FAQ lite(3295) A collection of frequently asked questions and answers.
C++ In Action(3295) A very usefull book with a lot of techniques.
C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques(3296) A page describing a series of code optimizations with comparisons to the non-optimized code for C++.
C++ Portable Types Library(3295) A simple alternative to the STL that includes multithreading and networking
C++ Programming for Scientists(3297) A set of course notes. They give a short introduction to several topics in C++.
C++ Sockets Library(3295) This is a GPL licensed C++ class library wrapping the berkeley sockets C API, and therefore works on most unixes and also win32. They have a nice tutorial too.
C++ Threads(3297) The aim of this library, is to provide the programmer with an easy to use class, that can be further inherited to provide a rich set of threaded functionality rarely seen in a linux environment
C++ Tutorial(3295) A C++ tutorial with a nice ANSI/ISO section.
C++ Tutorials for beginners and cheapskates(3298) A set of simple tutorials for C++. It contains an introduction to loops, pointers and random numbers.
C++ Type traits(3313) A draft of an article by John Maddock and Steve Cleary about traits in C++. It has an example of how traits are used to construct a copy-function for the standard library.
C++: A Dialog by Steve Heller(3297) This is a free on-line book which is an introduction to C++.
C/C++ Users Journal(3296) A journal concerning C and C++. Here you can find many tips and tricks.
CDT for Eclipse(3295) CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE and is distributed with an Common Public License
CGAL(3294) A Computational Geometry Algorithms Library in C++.
ClassBuilder(3295) A UML class-diagram tool,which can be used with C++
Code::Blocks(3341) A cross-platform IDE for C++. It supports a range of compilers, has integrated debugging and todo-management.
Comeau C++ Template FAQ(3295) A set of Frequently Asked Questions for Templates in C++. This is a nice alternative to a reference manual.
comp.lang.c++ (3294) An unmoderated Usenet discussionforum about C++.
comp.lang.c++.moderated(3297) A moderated Usenet discussionforum about C++.
cpp reference(3297) A site with information about C++. Especially the STL desription is nice.
cpp-home(3296) Cool C++ site
CppUnit(3295) A unit testing framework for C++.
Cprogramming.com(3295) A site about C and C++. It contains an array of tutorials and articles.
Data Display Debugger(3295) A front-end for several debuggers.
Debugging and analyzing C and C++ programs(3294) A document which describes how to use different debugging and profiling utilities to improve C and C++ codes.
Dev-C++(3322) A free IDE for Windows which uses MinGW as compiler, debugger and profiler. Several extra tools are available for this IDE.
distcc(3295) distcc is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or Objective C++ code across several machines on a network.
Doxygen(3295) A nice documentation utility. It extracts javadoc-like comments from the source-code.
Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle(3298) A comparison of six unit test frameworks for C++.
FoosYerDoos - C++ Programming(3302) FoosYerDoos is a website dedicated to windows programming using the win32 API.
GCC Home Page(3294) The hompage of the GNU GCC compiler.
GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library(3294) This is a library for high precision arithmics for floats, integers and fractions. It is originally programmed in C, but a C++ wrapper exists.
Graph Template Library(3298) Graph Template Library (GTL) can be seen as an extension of the Standard Template Library (STL) to graphs and fundamental graph algorithms.
Herb Sutter's homepage(3329) Herb Sutter is one of the gurus when talking about C++.
Huston Design Patterns(3295) A page about patterns with examples in C++. Check out 'The Sacret Elements of the Faith'
Intel Compilers(3294) The compiler collection from Intel. They are free for Linux, but not for Windows.
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++(3296) A tutorial with emphasis on OOP in C++. It looks nice.
Johnnie's Win32 API Tutorial(3296) A short tutorial in Win32 programming
Johnnie's Winsock Tutorial(3294) A short WinSock tutorial.
KDevelop(3296) KDevelop is an IDE used for KDE in Linux. It has many features like integration of Doxygen and Qt, wizards for subclassing and class diagram drawing.
LeakTracer(3295) A simple memory leak tracer which overides new and delete to check if the memory has been correctly deleted.
Learn C++ in 21 Chapters(3297) Yet another on-line book about C++.
Libodbc++(3297) Libodbc++ is a c++ class library for accessing SQL databases distributed under LGPL.
Midgaard(3295) A private homepage with a set of tips-and-trick and source-codes
Minimalist GNU For Windows(3295) A collection of the GNU GCC ported to windows.
MySQL® Connector/C++(3295) MySQL's C++ interface.
NeHe's OpenGL page.(3295) Neon Helium Production is a site devoted to OpenGL programming, and it contains one of best (if not the best) OpenGL tutorials on the net.
Numerical Recipes(3296) An on-line version of the book Numerical Recipes in C (not C++, sorry but the C++ edition is not available on-line).
Programming in C++, Rules and Recommendations(3295) An elaborate treatment of coding style is given at this page.
Qt Reference Documentation(3295) Trolltech's Qt documents which include tutorials, references and tools.
SGI's Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide(3298) A reference manual for the SGI Standard Template Library (STL).
SQLAPI++ Library(3354) SQLAPI++ is a C++ library for accessing multiple SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC).
Techniques for Scientific C++(3296) A collection of techniques in scientific computing
The C++ Resource Network(3295) A dedicated C++ site. You can find a lot of information about the language here.
The C++ Source(3296) An on-line journal about C++.
The Function Pointer Tutorials(3295) A tutorial about C/C++ function pointers and callbacks.
The Parma Polyhedra Library(3299) The Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL) is a modern C++ library used to describe convex polyhedra.
theForger's Win32 API Tutorial(3296) A nice tutorial for Win32
Thinking in C++ volume 1 by Bruce Eckel.(3300) A very good book about programming C++. This is the first volume of two volumes and it covers many basic topics.
Thinking in C++ volume 2 by Bruce Eckel.(3301) The second volume in Bruce Eckel's series of C++ books. This one covers the more advanced topics in C++ such as templates, STL, exception handling and run-time type identification.
Valgrind(3295) A debugging and profiling tool for Linux programs.
Visual Studio Express(3297) Microsoft's free version of the IDE Visual Studio. Note that it is language specific i.e. there different versions such as VB.NET, C#, J# and C++.
WxWindows(3295) A cross-platform GUI - looks promising.
ZThreads(3294) A platform-independent, multi-threading and synchronization library for C++

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