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IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a tool which is used to manage projects, color encoding as well as setup of compilers and debuggers.
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Code::Blocks(3342)A cross-platform IDE for C++. It supports a range of compilers, has integrated debugging and todo-management.
Dev-C++(3323)A free IDE for Windows which uses MinGW as compiler, debugger and profiler. Several extra tools are available for this IDE.
Visual Studio Express(3297)Microsoft's free version of the IDE Visual Studio. Note that it is language specific i.e. there different versions such as VB.NET, C#, J# and C++.
KDevelop(3296)KDevelop is an IDE used for KDE in Linux. It has many features like integration of Doxygen and Qt, wizards for subclassing and class diagram drawing.
CDT for Eclipse(3295)CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE and is distributed with an Common Public License

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